Dokumenthantering på webben – enkelt och billigt

The old site of Firma Dany Marmur

Warning: here be nerdy tech-talk! The above site is a piece of web arcane actually. The site graphics was produced with some long-lost tool from Adobe (I don’t event remember the name) that sliced the bitmap up in a thousand little pieces and provided a html-table that needed to be hacked. I fed the tool with one (and only one) bitmap produced in Illustrator. Back then using “mouseover” events was rocket-science :). The site is actually one single php-script that maintains visitor preferences by url (no coockies as that was a hot topic at the time – still are apparently). Care was taken to have the site browsable from any machine so you’ll probably notice to the “narrow” size of it. The screens attached to desktops back then had a resolution that your iPhone would laugh at. Some 10+ people was even excited about the smtp mailform found by clicking “Kontakt” 🙂 The site has impressed many visitors and as late as 2010 someone thought it was a modern up-to date thing! I could add that whilst I maintain a vital and youthful appearance (ha, ha) I started out coding on CP/M machines! Enjoy… (and please note that things written are superseded and obsolete).